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    Target Visitor

    •  Dealer, agent, wholesaler, retailer, exporter, alliance business, green food exclusive shop, e-businessman, etc.
    •  Fresh fruit planting enterprise, fresh fruit wholesale enterprise, fresh fruit chain organization, etc.
    •  Mega shopping mall, supermarket, exclusive shop, etc.
    •  Foreign trader of fruit processing and packaging equipment, purchaser, agent, purchaser, importer and exporter, etc.
    • Related state agencies and departments, association of fruit processing and packaging equipment, etc.


    Publicity & Visitor Organization

    1. Numerous Data Resources, Multi-channels Promotion On-line
    The Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group serves 1 million visitors each year, and closely works with over 100 institutes, associations, organizations and consulates. The host will accurately select professional visitors and purchasers, and will cooperate with over 300 international associations, medias and exhibitions, to promote the exhibition information via different channels such as emails, telephones, social software, etc.
    2. Organize Activities Off-line and Warmly Welcome Professional Visitors
    The organizing committee will hold pre-exhibition news conference, yacht salon, awards & competitions, etc. to publicize the exhibition. What’s more, there will be activities held on site, including summit, forum, award ceremony, matchmaking meeting, opening ceremony, etc. Meanwhile, the host will organize factory trips, and hold activities across the country in cooperation with enterprises, exhibitors and associations.
    3. Associations Cooperate with Social Medias to Create New Models for Partnership
    Through deep exploration and accurate selection, the host will pick out 600,000 data of processing equipment for publicity. At the same time, the host will closely cooperate with over 300 medias so as to enhance the effectiveness of attracting business and promoting the exhibition information by way of news release, exchanging banners, placing advertisement, exchanging resources, etc. What’s more, the organizing committee will work with over 100 new medias and 200 traditional medias as well as online medias to report the entire exhibition.